Christchurch Oxford University

We were asked by Oxford University  to make sure that the doors in the halls of residents fitted well, ensuring that they complied with fire and safety regulations. We were delighted to help on this project as this building is steeped in history, one of the rooms we upgraded was where Lewis Carol wrote Alice in Wonderland! They needed an upgrade of their old doors to become fire resistant 30 minutes. A good example of an old door which has been upgraded with a paint product to bring it up to modern specification. This will need four coatings of the clear paint the insulation of three new hinges, door closure and lock to bring it to an FD30 Fire Door 30 (modern specification)

The project was achieved by doing the following:
  • using intumescent paint - primer, 2x undercoat and 1x topcoat
  • upgrading door furniture
  • installation of 3 fire proof hinges
  • fire rated door closures
  • intumescent strips

Installation of fire barriers 

We installed the fire barriers between floor levels to stop fire and smoke spreading between cavities. 

Flexible wraps and sleeves

These were installed to protect cables, pipes and ventilation trunking passing through fire rated ceilings and walls.

Fireproof collars

To protect pipes and prevent fire and smoke from spreading through the building.


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Jan 21, 2014
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